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Singapore's care model needs to be changed to resolve hospital bed crunch: Gan Kim Yong

SINGAPORE: Resolving the hospital bed crunch is not just about expanding capacity, but it is also about changing Singapore's care model, said Health Minister Gan Kim Yong.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the topping-up ceremony of the new Ng Teng Fong General Hospital on Monday.

Speaking on the bed crunch situation, Mr Gan said it is important that people do not head to the Emergency Department if their medical condition is not critical.

He said: "If we are able to implement the Health Care 2020 capacity development plan, (and) at the same time restructure and change our care model to one that is less reliant on acute hospital beds (but) more reliant on community care as well as home care...If we do all this together, we will have sufficient capacity going forward."

Mr Gan also said the bed occupancy rate at hospitals has stabilised but will continue to remain tight due to an ageing population.

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